Amateur license my dad got Jarda OK2BEN 25th January 1959 and became a member of the Radio Club OK2KFK Zdar. Together with its members began to build a equipment for listening and for transmiting. Together with Zdenek OK2ABU initiated the founding of a small socialist miracle name  Z-Style.

The ár constructing hatcheries has gradually turned out to be those such as Z-Style Mini-Z and Z-Spektr. It was a equipment, which at that time conquered the world and went to see them amateurs from all over the country. Its quality was in line with factory equipment of the world famous brands.

The section QSL QSL cards are examples of the messages, where the Yanks are grateful for their first SSB connection with the then Czechoslovakia. At that time the roof was on tri-band two elements quad own production.

Together with hams from Zdar OK2ABU, OK2TG, OK2BQ (ex OK2BHQ) OK2BGF and many other equipment created and organized many amateur events. Under their leadership grew operators such as OK2PDE, OK2PDT and many others.

Unfortunately, the first June 1992 its key suddenly silent forever.

I believe that the brand will sound OK2BEN ether as long as possible and I'll try it on