I was born into a family of great ham and Dad OK2BEN Jarda. But despite his father's effort to take me to the amateur event, I did not follow in this hobby. Even when silent his key, so I did not address this hobby.

Over time I became interested in long-range FM reception mainly due to the music played by small regional radios. Suddenly I was glad to hear more than the average radio listener. At that time, fortunately, on the occasion of my newly built clubhouse members of the local radio club approached me to come among them a look. I came to see us going, going ... ... and that was it. They took me between them and exchange experiences and advice that my dad was unable to transmit. Suddenly I was listening on VHF low. I bought receiver with HF bands, SSB can receive SONY ICF SW-7600G and started listening to distant radio stations, and later VOLMET ultimately ham radio. Suddenly I started to mind that I can not do it "drivel" and after the first visit Radio Club I decided to obtain the concession of the Czech Telecommunication Office

I got amateur license in 2000, exactly on the when it was 8 years since my father's silent key. Finally I managed to get his callsign after my dad. It pleased me most and I believe that the heavenly father, too.  Now I go to the contests mainly HF, VHF giving away at least on other points, I try to get diplomas, as far as possible to make DXand pursue activities in the Radio Club. I'm not a super contester and hunter DXs, but I have the joy of these activities. In so doing, I can perfectly relax from everyday worries and maybe even makes you happy dad, who come to us from a cloud watching.

I am indebted for the great support of our members primarily OK2KFK Radio Club, who welcomed me among them as equals.