Sharpening knives

There are many tips and methods on how to sharpen knives. Each cutler has a proven method, but each is more or less different.

The basis is beginning to decide what purpose will be sharpened knife used. Accordingly, it is necessary to choose the angle of the blade. For smooth slicing is chosen sharper angle for cutting angle is chosen blunter. For normal use, the chosen angle of 15 to 20 degrees.

The actual procedures depend on the sharpening time, which we intend to devote sharpening. From fast to the ritual ceremony. Focus on funds depend on the budget and mainly from the cutters skill.

The main principle is to create a coarse abrasive stone blade a few strokes and then it's on how to polish the blade. The best finish is done on the skin.

There is no cost to describe the different ways of sharpening because everyone who tries it, you just find his way.

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